• /afk message - let you inform the others player of the reason of your afk
  • /balance (/money) - let you see the sold of your current money, you can't use money as Citizen tho
  • /balance playername - let you see the sold of the current money of a player
  • /balancetop - let you see the top richest players on the server
  • /book - let you edit a finished book
  • /compass - let you echo your current bearing to the chat window
  • /dchest locations - locate the coords of your spawned deathchest signs
  • /sethome - let you set a point as your home point
  • /home - let you teleport to your home point
  • /delhome - let you delete your home point
  • /depth - display your depth below sea level
  • /getpos - display your coords
  • /hat - let you wear a block as a hat
  • /ignore - allow you to ignore all chat from a specific player, repeat the command to stop the ignore
  • /itemdb - display your item durability
  • /mail - let you read and send mail to other players
  • /me message - let you write a purple emote message, please only use it to describe an action
  • /msg name message - let you write a private message to a player, you can use text formatting on private message (replace ยง by &)
  • /ping - Pong! The slowest is the pong to appear, the highest is your lag.
  • /recipe item - show you the crafting recipe for the item chosen
  • /seen name - tell you the last time a player connected to the server
  • /suicide - commit suicide
  • /time - tell you the time of day
  • /warp - let you teleport to specific locations, you unlock new warps by ranking up to higher ranks
  • /pvp - let you toggle pvp on yourself, you can only hurt other players if both of you have pvp turned on, or if you are inside a pvp area. See IcePvPControl
  • /pv 1 - let you open an extra bit of inventory storage wherever you are, it's not recommended to store valuables in it, since it happened in the past that all player vaults suddenly empty for no reason. See PlayerVaults
  • /lwc - allow you to protect chests, doors, signs. See LWC
  • /fp - allow you to protect item frames, armor stands, painting. See FrameProtect
  • /mcmmo - check your McMMO skills and levels. See McMMO


  • You can build! You can break stuff! basically you are a normal minecraft player now, huzzah!
  • Mcmmo.Mining : by digging naturally generated pickaxe blocks such as stone, you lvl your Mining skill, the higher you get, the higher your chances of doubling the naturally generated blocks you dig. Right clicking with a pickaxe also activate your Mining ability, for a short time, your digging speed increase and you have a chance of tripling your blocks.
  • Sleep : if 50% or more of the players in the overworld sleep at night, the night will be ended and a new day will start
  • FrameProtect : all frames and painting you place are automatically locked to yourself only (griefing rules still apply even to unlocked items: don't steal!)
  • LWC : all signs and chests you place down are automatically locked to yourself only (griefing rules still apply even to unlocked items: don't steal!)
  • Elder Rum : with empty bottle in your inventory and empty space, you can /er number, to fill a number of bottles with your exp! craft bottle of enchanting from your soul!
  • DeathChest : place a sign above a chest with the word deathchest written on it to set your death chest, when you die, all your items will end in that chest instead of on the ground.
  • Additionally, if you don't have a valid death chest, a sign will spawn where you die, only you can right click it to make your items appear on the floor, the sign stay one week before disappearing
  • DragonTravel : allow you to use the dragon transport stations in the nations capitals and on the SpawnShip. See DragonTravel
  • Access to the Game world : You can go play minigames with other players (and usually one staff member) in the Games world, you can also use the /warp to it.
  • Everything a Tourist can do and all the commands that rank can use.

Forward Ranking

  • You need to register to our forum and write a new member presentation to rank up to Forester.
  • You also require 5 hours of /ontime to be allowed to rank up.
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