• The second member rank, you become Forester after 5 hours of /ontime, by registering to our forum and writing a new member presentation.


  • Everything a Citizen has access to, including what is inherited from the previous rank.
  • /Warp Market : Teleport you to the Marketplace.


  • Mcmmo.Woodcutting : Unlock the skills and abilities related to McMMO Woodcutting.
  • Money : you can use anything related to ingame money, from paying other people to using/placing ChestShop signs.

Forward Ranking

  • You need to build a small fountain at the Water Hub to rank up to Biologist
  • You can find the Hub on the West of the Overworld, marked by an anchor icon on the Livemap.
  • You also require 10 hours of /ontime to be allowed to rank up.
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