• The seventh member rank, you become SkyPilot after 30 hours of /ontime, by painting a statue at SkyMoria with your skin colors.
  • You can find SkyMoria on the East of the Overworld, marked by a blue man icon on the Livemap.


  • Everything a Engineer has access to, including what is inherited from the previous ranks.
  • /Warp SkyMoria : Teleport you to SkyMoria.
  • /Warp Statues : Teleport you to the Statue area.
  • /tpa name : Send a request to a player to teleport you to the player's location.


  • Mcmmo.Archery : Unlock the skills and abilities related to McMMO Brewing.
  • Mcmmo.Axes : Unlock the skills and abilities related to McMMO Repair.
  • Mcmmo.Sword : Unlock the skills and abilities related to McMMO Smelting.
  • Autosort : Unlock the use of signs from Autosort.

Forward Ranking

  • SkyPilot is the last of the "normal" player ranks, there is no more quests that can be done to automatically grant you a ranking up.
  • At this rank, if you donate for donator perks and to help the server survive longer, you will be switched over to the Scout rank.
  • You can however become GearHead by winning an VIP rank event, which are planned at random by the staff group.
  • You can also apply on the forum in hope to be chosen as Helper, which is the entry point to the staff ranks.
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