Special ranks

  • Those ranks aren't earned automatically like the main and extra ranks by doing some actions like quests or events, and aren't considered staff ranks either, thus are "specials".


  • Helper isn't technically speaking a rank, it's a set of extra permission and a title added to any player ranks, the name helper come from the fact that they help the staff members by dealing with new players by helping them too.
  • Helpers can promote people to citizen or forester, and can check a person's current rank and permissions, they also are tasked to answer any technical questions about the ranking quests.


  • Simply put, any staff member (from moderator to owner) who decide to step down from staff, or is asked to step down by the staff group will end up as veteran, please respect them as they used to support the server and make it what it is today.
  • Veterans have automatically all the perms of all player ranks and all the donation perks, but all the freedom a normal player can have, that's the good life there.


  • Veteran+ are Veterans who got to stay Opped after stepping down from being staff, they are kind of oddjobs as they aren't considered staff member, while being able to worldedit and enforce rules.
  • Despite their great capabilities, they are asked to only use those powers for the server's good and not for personal gain, if they want to keep being Op that is.


  • Advertisor is very specific rank that was only given to one person so far, that rank's main role is to promote the server by making videos about it, posting on different sites about us, and welcome new members by touring the server with them and making them citizens.
  • This rank basically has the same permissions as an Helper GearHead with flight.
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