Staff Ranks

  • Those ranks aren't earned automatically like the main and extra ranks by doing some actions like quests or events, instead the active staff members decide together who should be promoted, based on their good behavior, helpfulness toward others and good experience at minecraft and plugin use.
  • All staff members automatically have all player ranks perks and all donations perks, responsibilities aren't the end of the world, staff can have fun too.

Tips to get one of those ranks:

  • Posting a staff member application on the forum increase greatly your chances of being selected, at least as helper
  • Being helper increase greatly your chances of being selected as moderator
  • Being moderator is required to become Administrator
  • Co-Owner and Owner are special cases as they are very rarely changed
  • Age isn't a deciding factor in the promotion to those ranks, but it help to be major


  • Moderators main role is to enforce the rules and promote players when they need a ranking up, they can do other stuff, and you can request some things from them or other staff members on the forum
  • Teleporting/giving/building/repairing stuffs are NOT part of the job, if a staff does one of those things, it's only when they choose to, do not treat them as slaves!


  • Mod+ are Opped Moderators, they gain access to almost all ingame perms, the biggest one of them being worldedit, you can ask them to spawn you the airship awarded for finishing the ranking quests.
  • We do not usually use worldedit for players excepted in the case of those airships, don't ask for worldedit if we refused it once.


  • Administrators have a few more permissions than Mod+, but are mostly in charge of making decisions inside the staff group, and have more influences and experiences as moderators.


  • Admin+ are Administrators trusted with the access to the behind-the-scene console commands and files, they can restart the server and do config adjustments when needed.


  • The Co-Owner is the person just below the Owner, he doesn't have much more power than an Admin+, but he is charged to deal with installing/debugging/updating the server, the plugins, the forum and wiki, if something is broken, it's probably him that you have to call.
  • He is also the backup plan in case something go wrong on the owner's side and will step in as Owner if (hopefully not) needed.


  • The Big Boss, the server is his plaything, he give crazy orders to the others staff members and they try their best to comply, he is the only one to have access to donations info and deal with making sure the server is paid and running.
  • Fear him as he could destroy everything in a whim, Praise him as if you are here today, it's probably because of him.
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