GreyList Access

  • Anyone can join, talk and explore the world without registering, however they won't be able to break or build anything.
  • To be able to enjoy the full use of the server, people need to go through a quick application procedure.

Survival Maps

  • SkyEden is at its core a vanilla server with the 3 standard maps in Hard difficulty, with added features from plugins.
  • The standard maps is where most of the server's activities happen and where most of the players are at any given time.
  • Those 3 maps are however the only ones to be reset in case of update changing the chunk generation, those are still rare.

Spawn Map

  • Sharing the same inventories and permissions as the standard maps, the Spawn map is an empty world mainly hosting the Spawn Island.
  • Spawn island is where everyone land on the first join, and also where people end after dying, it's the main Hub if you prefer that term.
  • Spawn world also contain some other features, like the reward airships display and some staff testing areas, thus flight isn't allowed.

Creative Map

  • Accessible to ranks SkyPilot and higher, this map allow people to test or design things in creative mode.
  • This map also contain a large amount of prebuilt structures, to serve as inspiration material for your own builds.

Games Map

  • Accessible by any member, the Games map host some minecraft games to have fun outside the standard maps.
  • All players in this map have the same permissions, thus all things happening there are fair games, no advantages.

Events Map

  • Eventually, other maps may open or close, to host server events, what happen in those maps is likely to be erased once the event end.
  • All players usually have the same permissions in those maps too, to ensure the events will be equitable for all participants.

Quest System

  • The progression through the main ranks of SkyEden goes by the completions of Quests, usually including a time requirement.
  • The more you rank up, the more you unlock features, commands and abilities in the main maps and the more you contribute to the server's life.


  • SkyEden uses a simple Website and Forum where you can get info/news and discuss things about the server.
  • The news section on the forum is the most frequently updated source of information, check it regularly.

Skype Groups

  • There are 3 main SkyEden Skype groups for discussion, one of which is free access for anyone, the others are for helpers or staff.
  • This is the fastest way to get in touch with players/helpers/staff members who aren't online, most of them use Skype outside the server.

Live Map

  • SkyEden also features a DynMap, where you can have an aerial view in real time of the maps and the non-hidden online players.
  • You can also register to the map while online to have access to the map chat, and be able to talk to online players while offline.
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