1. Be polite and courteous to all.

  • Be friendly and refrain from saying anything rude or offensive.
  • Avoid swearing or any offensive comments.
  • Saying everything in ALL CAPS or just spamming the chat is unwanted and can result in being muted.


  • Do NOT destroy or edit other players blocks (Don't want to be banned? Do not grief!).
  • As a general rule, do not build closer than 100 blocks from someone unless there is consent (cities/towns for example).
  • If using a communally available farm, make sure to replant the crops in the case of wheat and sugarcane, and make sure you don't take the seedlings for melons/pumpkins.
  • If you have to break in, build over/under to get into a farm/room/town then don't! This will be consider as griefing.

3. Offer help and assistance to those that need it.

  • If someone wants assistance in finding materials, try offer to offer them advice or even items or show them how to acquire them.
  • If anyone asks regarding in Sky Eden in general, refer them to our website.
  • If someone ask simple minecraft questions, be sure to answer if you know the answer!
  • This rule is also known as the "Good manners rule"

4. Be both resourceful and inquisitive.

  • Avoid asking lots of questions until you have fully read the recruitment post, read our website and checked out the minecraft wiki.
  • Our website is FULL of information and we have tons of features that require some reading to understand.
  • Need help with getting diamonds or other ores? Research about it. Use the minecraft wiki!
  • Trying to find the many shops at the palace? Explore for a few minutes first. Still struggling? Ask!
  • Try to avoid making ugly plank/cobble huts. Instead, be creative when building structures. Look up the hundreds of minecraft creations posted online.

5. Practice good morals and ethics.

  • If someone drops items, pick the items for the players and give it back (no stealing).
  • Be fair in trading items with virtual coins.
  • Don't hide your identity to others, if you use a nickname, make sure that anyone can figure out easily your real name using the player list
  • Like other server, HACKS/MODS ARE A DIRECT PERMABAN! That includes xray texture packs and xray mods.

6. Report issues to staff members immediately.

  • Your cooperation is always appreciated.
  • There are many ways to contact us, the fastest being by Skype.

7. Follow our rules and guidelines, and have a good time!

  • Its not always fun playing by yourself, so feel free to ask ingame if anyone wants to have a neighor to play and build with. :)
  • Suggest a mining expedition and invite everyone. Share your findings.
  • Ask for help finding a city/town to build a home in if you don't want to go solo.
  • Participate in building projects by asking about and helping current ones or starting one yourself!

What happens if Rules Are Broken?

  • I'm certain you can easily guess what might happen to you.
  • You don't want to test what will happen if you break the rules.
  • We are nice guys, but we have very low tolerance toward this.
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